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      FULL REEL Paul Daniels
      COMMERCIAL IAMS (pets, friendly, engaging)
      GAMES (gangster, hardman, warrior)
      GAMES (eccentric, posh, Brits)
      GAMES (crazy, creepy, alien, toons)
      ACCENTS (Scouse, NY, Irish, Geordie, Scottish, Welsh, Yorkshire, more!)
      COMMERCIAL MOONPIG (reassuring, warm, familiar)
      COMMECIAL MORRISONS (compelling, conversational, resonant)
      COMMERCIAL HOMEBASE (natural, light, fun)
      COMMERCIAL IKEA (comical, posh, joker)
      COMMERCIAL VIRGIN (deep, knowing, guy-next-door)
      COMMERCIAL WLC (hard sell daytime TVC)
      NARRATION BBC medical documentary (sensitive, informative, assured)
      NARRATION VR app (explainer, knowledgable, enlightening)
      NARRATION Discovery documentary (dramatic, storyteller, engaging)
      TRAILER Power Rangers sponsor bumper (kids, youth, action)
      TRAILER movies (deep, thrilling, action)
      VOICE OF GOD Awards Show Live Announcer
      RADIO Glastonbury festival promo
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      RADIO Popmaster ident jingle

Narrator & all characters in this hit podcast series are played by Paul & Ellie Daniels

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L’OrĂ©al Awards Voice Of God with Fearne Cotton